Indoor FAQs

Where is Indoor Arena Soccer played?

The E.M.S.A. uses 14 Arena Style fields for their Indoor Soccer Program in the City of Edmonton and surrounding areas including Spruce Grove. The Edmonton facilities are owned and operated by the Edmonton Soccer Association. There are 4 fields located in the Edmonton East facility which is located at 12720 Victoria Trail, 4 fields are located in the Edmonton West Soccer Centre which is located at 17415 – 106 A Avenue, and 4 fields located in the Edmonton Soccer Centre South which is located at 6520 Roper Road. With Spruce Grove Soccer Association also being a member of the EMSA we have access to 2 additional fields at the Tri Leisure Centre which is located at 221 Campsite Road in Spruce Grove (between Hwy 16 & 16A). Spruce Grove home games are usually at this Centre. 
The EMSA Office is located in the Edmonton South Indoor Soccer Centre.

What is involved in the game of Indoor Arena Soccer?

The game is played on an artificial turf surface using hockey arena style boards and built in goals. The boards can be used for individual give and go wall passes, etc. Player changes are done “on the fly” from the player benches which are located on one side of the field. Indoor running shoes are permitted however most players over age 8 choose to purchase special Indoor Soccer shoes for the sport. Shin guards and shorts are required. The uniform (jersey) is usually provided by the Community or Club on loan. Teams consist of no more than 18 players (younger teams have less). Six players are on the field at any one time (one being the goal keeper). The game consists of two 25 minute halves with a 3 minute half-time. Penalties are given for infractions (Blue Card: 2 minutes, Yellow Card: 4 minute major, Red Card: Ejection and five minute major). 
Mini soccer is also available for the Under 6 and Under 8 age groups. Children of these ages play on a smaller field (regulation field is partitioned in 1/2).

Can my 3 year old play soccer?

Age groups for indoor arena soccer begin at the Under 6 (ages 5 and 6) age group and continue up to the Under 18 age group. Soccer for 3 and 4 year olds is not offered in these facilities however some communities have been known to run Indoor Soccer for these ages in local school and community gyms. Contact your Community Soccer Coordinator for availability in your area.

How long is the season? 

The season for all age groups begins late October, breaks for 2 weeks over Christmas and completes in late February or early March with Provincial Competitions for U12 and up taking place Mid March. Teams play once per week at one of the facilities. Mini Soccer teams are split into 3 groups and assigned a Soccer Centre for the season based on their location. (ie North teams play at the North Soccer Centre, West at the West, etc) All other age groups should expect to have games rotate through all Centres.

How popular is indoor soccer? 

Very! It is an affordable winter sport for all ages and offers a tremendous level of physical activity in a great atmosphere. Many areas from outside of Edmonton including Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Morinville, Fort Saskatchewan and Bonnyville have combined with Edmonton’s local teams in regular indoor league play. 
Also growing in Edmonton at a tremendous rate is the EMSA’s Polar Cup Indoor Tournament being held Dec 27 – 30 each year. 1994/95 saw 75 teams in this tournament. This grew to 160 in 1995/96, 250 in 2001, 389 in 2003 and 411 teams in 2004. The Polar Cup attracts teams from all over Western Canada including Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, NWT and the Yukon and is open to community teams as well as club teams. There are divisions open for all levels of play. Registrations for this tournament are taken beginning September 1st each year.

How does one get involved in Indoor Soccer?

Players may contact their local Community, or their District if they reside outside Edmonton. If their local Community does not provide a program, willing participants may contact the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association. E.M.S.A. will provide players with contacts to nearby Communities that offer the program. Please refer to the “Zone Websites” link on our navigation bar to the left.

How can I find out more about the Indoor Soccer Program?

You may contact the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association 413-3672 or go directly to your Community or Zone representative. Zone and District websites are linked on our navigation bar to the left.

Where & How do I register?

The Edmonton Minor Soccer Office does not handle any individual player registrations. Please contact your zone or local community for more information or check their websites. You can refer to the ‘EMSA Zones’ under ‘Links” on our webpage.

What is a player card, who needs them and how do I get one?

Player Cards are an identification card required by all Tier 1, 2 & 3 players and ALL U16 and U18 players in order to play in the E.M.S.A. League. Cards may be obtained by going to your assigned Zone player carding session (see this website for dates & times) or by calling the EMSA Office to arrange for a time. You do not need to know which team you will be playing on in order to get a player card – just that you will be playing in Tier 1,2, or 3 or are a U16 or U18 player. You are required to bring a piece of I.D. with your full first and last name on it in order to process your card. Acceptable forms of I.D. are Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Baptismal Record, Alberta Health Care Card with the players FULL name (no initials) on it. Student I.D.’s will not be accepted. Player Cards are valid for 3 years; coaches cards are usually valid for 5 years. Expired cards will be replaced at no charge. There is a $20 replacement fee for non-expired cards.

I’ve played soccer with EMSA before but I cannot find my old player card – where could it be?

EMSA does not keep old player cards in their office. Please contact your Zone office or Registrar – many old player cards can be found there. If your card is not there & you are positive you do not have it check with your old coaches. It is possible they may be able to help. If you still are not able to locate your card you may get a replacement card from our office – however please keep in mind there is a $20.00 replacement fee for non-expired cards. NOTE: It is important for players to ask their coaches for their player cards at the end of each season to avoid this problem. Player cards are the property of the player and not the coach.)

When does the season start?

The tentative start date is usually the third weekend in October.

When will we know for sure what nights we are playing & when does the schedule come out?

The exact playing evenings will be confirmed end of October. Schedules are released at the end of October.