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U9 – U19 Team Official Resources

Coach Kit Season Information 2019 – 2020 Indoor

Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers should ensure they have downloaded all of the items on this page and have read over all information very carefully. You are responsible for knowing all of this information about the season. NOTE: additional items may be posted here prior to the beginning of the season. Please check back for updates on this page.

U9 – U19 Premier & Community Teams

  • Playing Days Tentative 2019 2020 Indoor – These days are TENTATIVE and are subject to change up until the schedules are released.
  • Rules and Regulations Acknowledgement Indoor 2019 2020 – TBA –  Only one copy per team, must be signed by the head coach, assistant coach or the manager on behalf of the team. This must be emailed to the EMSA office by no later than Wednesday, October 16th at 9:00am.
  • Indoor Coaches Handbook – TBA
  • Schedules and Coach Packages – TBA
  • Game Sheets & Scoring Memo – TBA
  • Bench Parents/Attendants – TBA
  • Referee Liaison Program – TBA
  • Rescheduling Requests Memo – TBA
  • Team Correspondence Liaisons Info – TBA
  • Correspondence to Teams from EMSA Office – TBA
  • Trialist/Guest Player Memo – TBA
  • Trialist Form – TBA
  • EMSA ID Card Memo – TBA
  • EMSA ID Carding Session Dates – TBA
  • Facility Pass Memo – TBA
  • Community Post Season Play Commitment Form – TBA
  • Camera Policy ESA 
  • U9 and U11 EMSA Rule Modifications Indoor 2019 2020 – TBA
  • 7 v 7 and 9 v 9 Rule Modifications – TBA
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Link to Complete EMSA Rules & Regulations
  • ASA Laws of the Indoor Game (please refer back to the EMSA rules and regs as some of these rule vary depending on age group)