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Rescheduling Games Indoor

The EMSA rescheduling policies are in place to effectively and efficiently ensure that all EMSA league games are played.

Indoor Season:

Due to the indoor field availability, EMSA is unable to accept any requests for rescheduling of games.

EMSA will do it’s best to accommodate teams who are entered into tournaments BEFORE the schedules are completed prior to the season beginning.

Coaches will need to send a written letter (fax, email or drop off), listing their team name, age group, gender, division and the dates of the tournaments that they will be entered in for the entire season by the deadline listed below. If EMSA does not receive a letter by the deadline, the team will be expected to show up on their regular scheduled game. Missed league games will result in a forfeit, with 3 points and 5 goals being awarded for the opposing team. It is important that teams include all tournament dates you are interested in attending on the letter, even if they do not fall on your regular playing day as playing dates are still subject to change.

*You will receive a reply back once your request is received. If you do not receive a reply it means that we have not received your request. Please resubmit your request before the deadline to ensure it is accepted.

EMSA will NOT be scheduling any league games during the following tournaments:

  • Mill Woods Pre-Season Tournament
  • EMSA Polar Cup
  • North Zone Memorial Challenge
  • SW Sting FC Family Day Tournament
  • West Zone Slush Cup

Teams do not need to submit time off requests for those tournaments.

Please send your requests to the following:

Community Teams Email: Fax: 780-490-1652

  • Community Teams Deadline: Monday, October 1st, 2018 9:00am

Premier Club Teams Email: Fax:780-490-1652

  • Premier/Club Teams Deadline: Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 9:00am