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EMSA Rules & Discipline


We want to keep our players safe, and expect a high level of respect among our players. Remember, leagues run through the EMSA Zones, must have discipline information and inquiries go to the zone they play in, before contacting EMSA.

EMSA Rules and Regulation – v2020-2021

U7 Rules Outdoor 2020

U9 Rules Outdoor 2020

U11 Rules Outdoor 2020

U9 and U11 EMSA Rule Modifications Indoor 2019 2020

9 v 9 Non Boarded Rule Modifications Indoor 2019 2020 (updated Nov 1/19)

ASA Rules of Indoor Soccer 2019/2020

U7 Mini Rules Regs Indoor 2019 2020

FIFA Laws of the Game

Player, Coach and Parent Code of Conduct