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EMSA Facilities

Ivor Dent Sports Park

Ivor Dent Sports Park is located at North East corner of Ellerslie Road and 50 Street
in the deep South East end of the City. Driveway access via the traffic light on 4th Avenue SW & 50 Street. Address is
105 – 50 Street SW. MAPS

EMSA Charpentier West Complex

The EMSA Charpentier West Complex is located North West of the River Cree casino at #2, 9774 231 Street, Acheson, AB T7X 6K3. Driveway access is from 231 Street (also known as Range Road 261) MAPS


Important Information and Rules for Use of Both Complexes

• Pets/Dogs are NOT permitted anywhere on the Complex properties (with the exception of service animals with proper
identification). Ensure your player’s parents/guardians are aware of this rule.
• Based on their current condition, the fields will have roving field numbers. Please look for the EMSA signs or banners
with the field numbers on them that coincides with the field number on your schedule. What is field #1 one week may not
be field #1 the next week.
• Fields are available only ½ hour prior to your game start. Please do not go on the field any earlier than this.
• There is a very costly underground irrigation system running throughout the entire Ivor Dent Sports Park. This means
that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can be staked or pinned into the ground/grass such as pop up tents, umbrellas, etc.
Please ensure your spectators are aware of this as teams will be held responsible for the cost of any damage caused to
the system if they or their spectators are caught with items pinned into the ground.
• All cigarette butts and garbage (including decomposable items) must be disposed of properly. Please either place all
garbage into one of the provided receptacles or take it home with you to dispose of. Teams will be held responsible for
the cost of cleaning up any garbage left behind from their team or their spectators.
• Sunflower and other shelled seeds are strictly prohibited. Teams and spectators are not permitted to have them
anywhere on the Complex premises. An administration fee may be issued to the team for violating this rule.
• Goal nets and all required flags will already be on site and set up for you. No need to bring your own.
• If you have a later game at either Complex, many referees will be taking care of the early game on a different field
number. Once that earlier game is complete, they will make their way to your game.
• Parking is enforced by by-law. Please ensure you are parking in designated spaces only. Please do not park anywhere
on the grass, field areas, driveways or roadways.
• Please do not warm up or practice on any other field other than the one you are assigned to. Many of the other
unoccupied fields may be on rest.
• Children who are at the Complex but are not playing MUST be supervised at all times by an adult.