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INDOOR EMSA Carding Sessions

2019/2020 INDOOR  EMSA PICTURE I.D. CARDING DATES AND INFO:  click here> 2019/2020 Outdoor Player Carding Dates & Times

NOTE: U7 Team Officials will need to have an EMSA I.D. card in order to gain free admission into the Edmonton Soccer Centres.

ALL team officials (coach, assistant coach, manager) for U7-U19 will require an EMSA I.D. card to use as part of their free Facility admission.  Your Zone Office will provide your team with admissions decals which will then be placed on the back of the EMSA I.D. and will act as your facility pass.

If your team has more officials than decals given, additional facilities passes will need to be purchased at the expense of the team from any of the three Edmonton indoor soccer centres.

The following groups/divisions require an EMSA I.D card for LEAGUE GAME PLAY:

U13 – U19 Community
U9 – U19 Premier

TEAM OFFICIALS: (coach, assistant coach & manager)
U9- U19 Community
U9 – U19 Premier

*For team officials, your I.D. card must be shown prior to the start of the game or you will not be permitted to be on the bench for the entire game.
*Players have until the end of the game to produce their card.

*Bench parents only require a piece of photo identification.

You must have your EMSA I.D card prior to your first game (players and team officials). Referees will be checking cards from the very first game and if you don’t have your card you will not be able to play or be on the bench.

If you have any questions regarding EMSA ID cards or carding sessions, please contact Leonora Newell at leonoran@emsamain.com