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FC Edmonton Polar Cup


Welcome to the FC Edmonton Polar Cup, December 27 – 29, 2016

Visit www.polarcup.ca to register!

What began as a local initiative for teams wishing to play soccer over the Christmas break has grown to be the largest indoor soccer tournament in western Canada.

For three days every December, over 6,000 boys and girls and their parents, caregivers, relatives, coaches and stakeholders descend on the indoor soccer centres in the greater Edmonton region.

This year, over 300 teams from Alberta, the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the northwest United States assemble to play over 900 games while vying for titles at competitive & community levels . The value of the tournament is felt beyond the economic impact on the City of Edmonton and its surrounding areas, all the way back to the communities from which the teams come.

The drive to compete, and have the chance to travel, teaches our youth the focus and determination necessary to grow into successful adults. The community building inherent in tournaments, and the loyalty inspired in those that get the chance to compete, cannot be compared .

Matches can take place at any of the following indoor soccer facilities:

– Edmonton Soccer Center West
– Edmonton Soccer Center East
– Edmonton Soccer Center South
– Tri-Leisure Center in Spruce Grove, AB

For more information please visit the Polar Cup website – registration will open September 1, 2016.