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We have programs for all levels of play!

EMSA governs minor soccer in Edmonton and Spruce Grove. To help keep the registrations of individual players as efficient as possible, we ask the players register with their respective Edmonton zone.

Please refer to the list of communities to find out which zone your community is located in. If you do not know the community in which you live in, you can also use this map. For residents of Beaumont, registration is with EMSA Mill Woods.

EMSA North Office Number: 780-406-0798




EMSA WestOffice Number: 780-451-6453




EMSA Mill Woods Office Number: 780-468-5233




EMSA South East Office Number: 780-469-7344




EMSA South WestOffice Number: 780-436-3611




EMSA Spruce Grove Office Number: 780-962-5111





Office Number: 7806168912

Email:  or





Office Number: 780-458- 8973 EXT 128

Email: for Community Registration and for Club Registation