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Common Red Card Report Offences:

USB – Unsporting Behavior

 PIL – Persistent Infringement of the Laws (probably won’t be used in indoor but could in outdoor)

EFP – Entering field of play without referee’s permission

LFP – Leaving field of play with referee’s permission

3rd BC – 3rd Blue Card (Indoor Only) 
2 yellow cards in same match

 Boarding (Indoor Only)

SFP – Serious foul play

VC – Violent conduct

Spits – spitting at an opponent/other person

DOGSO – Denial of a goal scoring opportunity

OIAL – Offensive, insulting or abusive language.

2nd CO – Second cautionable offence.

We know that each year some referees do not show up for one reason or another. We cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate those officials who stay extra or step in and help out when they see a fellow official on their own! This not only helps the other official but it also helps the most important people, the kids. If someone does show up please do not send them away.