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Discipline Info for Referees

Discipline Info for Referees

Red Card Misconduct Reports: 
For the ASA Misconduct Report Template Click here – Must be submitted to the EMSA Office by the next morning after your game. If no report is received you may not receive payment for that game.

In all cases that involve a Referee, reports should be sent to the ASA, suspensions will be administered through them if deemed appropriate.

Ways to get the report to EMSA:

  1. Bring it to the EMSA office (6520 Roper Road)
  2. Email report to angelad@emsamain.com for Premier or jennad@emsamain.com for Community.
  3. Fax it to the EMSA office at 780-490-1652
  4. Leave it at the admissions desk if you reffed at the East, South or West Indoor Soccer Centres.

If you need help in writing a report or need to clarify anything, please let us know.

Cautionable Offences (Yellow Card)

USB – Unsporting Behavior
DISSENT – Dissent towards the referee
PO – Persistent Offenses
EFP – Entering field of play without referee’s permission
LFP – Leaving field of play with referee’s permission
2 yellow cards in same match – ejection

Common Ejections

Boarding (Indoor Only) (1-3 or more games)
SFP – Serious Foul Play (1-4 or more games)
VC – Violent Conduct (2-10 or more games)
Spits – Spitting at an opponent/other person (Automatic Hearing)
DOGSO – Denying and obvious goal scoring opportunity (1 or more games)
OIAL – Offensive, insulting or abusive language NOT at referee (1-2or more games)
OIAL – Offensive, insulting or abusive language at a game official (4 or more games)
2nd CO – Second cautionable offence

Suspensions are AUTOMATIC and Team Officials shall be responsible to heading the suspension regardless of whether or not they have been officially informed by the League Director or Discipline Director.

Referee Liaisons

All teams participating in EMSA programs must designate an individual (does not have to be the same person for each game) at each game (home and away) to act as a referee liaison. The referee liaison of each team shall be a person who is not a coach or assistant coach and their main role will be to act as a deterrent to possible acts of misbehavior by spectators or team officials. The referee liaison will also be available to the referee should a request to do so be made or a potential problem arises. If a team has not identified a referee liaison for their team by fifteen (15) minutes after the schedule start of the game, they will then forfeit the game. The Referee Liaison Program is in effect for both the indoor and outdoor programs. The Referee Liaison Program applies to all tiers and age groups.

Referee Liaisons are to act as EMSA eyes and ears should something arise off the field. We ask that the RL stays AWAY from any incidents (fight, argument, etc.) but does take note of who is involved, players, coaches etc. so that they can report this information to the EMSA Discipline Committee. Please contact the Facilities staff to stop the incident from occurring and file a complaint/ report with them as well.