EMSA 2020/2021 Indoor Season has been Cancelled (March 3rd, 2021) | EMSA Main

EMSA 2020/2021 Indoor Season has been Cancelled (March 3rd, 2021)

Dear EMSA Members,

The decision by the Government of Alberta to postpone Children’s sports and Performance to Step 3 left EMSA no other option but to cancel the remaining 2020-2021 Indoor Soccer League games.

During its meeting last night, the EMSA Board of Directors also decided to continue to support and endorse all teams and players that decide to continue their training activities as long as they strictly observe existing AHS guidelines and ASA’s 8&2 Return-to-Train rules.

Every EMSA Zone and Club Office is currently finalizing their refund strategies and will contact every team and parent as soon as possible.

In the coming week, as some of our players continue their indoor training programs, our Zones and Clubs offices will start planning the 2021 Outdoor season.
As soon as the remaining details are finalized, the Outdoor registration process will start on March 15, 2021 (www.emsamain.com or contact your closest EMSA Zones/Club) and the respective club team tryout dates will be announced.

We thank all our members for their tremendous patience and support during these uncertain times. As uncertainty continues to make the planning process difficult, we reaffirm EMSA’s commitment to find the right solution for our children to continue to enjoy The Beautiful Game.  We have already started working with our facilities partners to ensure we are all prepared to return with a fun and competitive 2021 Outdoor season.

Mario Charpentier
EMSA President