EMSA CODIV-19 (update April 3, 2020) | EMSA Main

EMSA CODIV-19 (update April 3, 2020)

Dear EMSA Players, Team Officials and Parents,

We hope everyone is staying safe, keeps their distance and is making the best they can during these difficult times.

EMSA – both the main office and the Zone offices – is currently working from remote locations to prepare for the start of the 2020 Outdoor Season.

EMSA Board Members met last evening via GoToMeeting video conferencing and would like to share few updates regarding the Outdoor 2020 Season:


  • Overall. EMSA Outdoor Season is highly dependent on City of Edmonton, City of Spruce Grove and City of St. Albert fields availability. We are in constant communication with both the City of Edmonton and the City of St. Albert in order to align our preparation activities with these two groups. EMSA Board has decided that the 2020 Outdoor season could start one week or 10 days after the City of Edmonton opens the fields. Both EMSA Main office staff and all EMSA Zones Office staff are already working towards being prepared to start the season on very short notice.


  • Community Season.  There still is a belief for the Community Season to take place in its entirety.  The start date will definitely be pushed back and the timeline of the program delivery may not be what we’re all used to but we will absolutely still be exploring all avenues to provide the children with a much needed outlet of social bonding, outdoor activity and engagement.  Once the ban on activities is lifted, we will have measures in place to ensure a start date can take place within a week.


  • Club Season.  There is still the intent to carry out the entire club season as well, but many external factors will influence these decisions.  We have received info from Alberta Soccer that they are awaiting further guidance from Canada Soccer regarding health advisory perspectives and possible realistic timelines.  Each province may have a different start date than others based on severity/number of cases in each area.  It is important that all confirmed club players register accordingly so that teams can be formed (as quickly as possible) and simple internal communication can continue.  Currently EMSA Clubs still intend to run tryouts prior to season start so we estimate that Club Season could start in 10 days from the opening of the fields.


  • Facilities.  City of Edmonton Facilities are now closed until May 5, and we expect the closure to extend further into May and possibly beyond. The snow will most likely be melted in advance of the opening date and our field maintenance crews will prepare all equipment and materials to be able to have the fields ready for games on time.

Please check www.emsamain.com for updates or follow EMSA on Social Media: Twitter (@EMSAmain), Instagram (emsamain) or Facebook (@EMSASoccerYeg)

You can also monitor the status of the City of Edmonton sports fields here: http://coewebapps.edmonton.ca/facilitynotifications/default.aspx?args=4,14


  • EMSA Main/EMSA Zones/SASA Offices.  All offices are officially closed to the public until further notice, but we do have staff working in office.  All our staff can be contacted via email, phone or text and most responses can be expected during the same working day.


We will continue to stay in contact with Alberta Soccer, Canada Soccer and the City of Edmonton and communicate with  our members as often as the situation requires.

Our main goal at EMSA is to be prepared so that ALL Kids Can Play as soon as possible.