April 8, 2021: EMSA Covid-19 Updates – 2021 Outdoor Season – | EMSA Main

April 8, 2021: EMSA Covid-19 Updates – 2021 Outdoor Season –

Dear Members,

We hope that all of you are well and you are doing your best during this time!!!

As you are aware, we are going through a period full of many uncertainties, not knowing what will happen tomorrow.  EMSA is determined and is working alongside with Alberta Soccer Association to organize the 2021 Outdoor Season in the best and safest way for all our coaches, players, parents, volunteers in accordance with all recommendations that the Government of Alberta has and will take.

EMSA Main, EMSA Zones and Clubs have a very specific goal which is to bring children back to play during the summer to have fun on the field and return to manage a full outdoor season.
To reach this goal EMSA has created some plans for the upcoming season (that are subject to change) and has them distributed to all the EMSA Zones/Clubs who are working hard to meet all the requirements.

Please see below important info in preparation for the 2021 Outdoor Season.


Registration for the 2021 Outdoor Season has been open from March 15, 2021, please contact your EMSA Zones/Clubs in the area where you reside for more information.


The EMSA Clubs are currently preparing tryouts for the 2021 Outdoor Season, which started on April 6th. All info regarding the schedules can be found on EMSA Clubs websites.


We would like to inform all community coaches that ASA is providing COMMUNITY COACH WORKSHOPS, these workshops are free for now and we believe that it is a good opportunity for all of you. Please check out ASA website if you are interested.


Regarding Referees, EMSA will be hosting the ASA ENTRY LEVEL course, for all new referee 14 years or older (on or before May 15th), who would like to referee U11 8v8, U13 and older 11v11, or act as an assistant referee (linesman) at any level.
All info regarding referees courses can be found HERE.


While we are waiting for the upcoming 2021 Outdoor Season, all EMSA teams are continuing their training in accordance with the updated ASA “8 & 2 Return to train guidelines” (subject to changes).
EMSA would like to thank all the Team Officials, Players and Parents of the EMSA teams for all the effort and for the great job they are doing in complying with all restrictions during their training sessions.

EMSA would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for your patience and continued support in these uncertain times.


Thank you.