EMSA Parents & Guardians,

Thank you for registering your child for the 2022 EMSA Outdoor Soccer Season.  It is going to be so great to see young Edmontonians out on the pitch again, playing the sport they love.

FC Edmonton has long been a supporter of youth soccer in this city.  But coming out of COVID restrictions, we want and need to do more to make this a great experience for these players.  This is why we are working with the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association to launch a new initiative for the 2022 season, whereby every EMSA player is eligible for a FREE Season Seat Membership for our 2022 FC Edmonton 15-match season!

More information on our club and the Canadian Premiere League can be found at

To be eligible for this FREE SEASON SEAT MEMBERSHIP offer:

  1. your player must be registered within the EMSA system for the 2022 outdoor season, and
  2. an adjacent seat to the FREE EMSA player seat must purchased by an account-holder over the age of 18

We are very hopeful that you will take advantage of this FREE offer for EMSA players.

We have extremely competitive price points for the adjacent paid seat, starting at $173 (which is only $11.50 per game!).  Also, Attack Zone seats can be purchase for as low as $283.50 (which is less than $19 per game!) and Centre Field seats are $335.50 (which is less than $23.50 per game!).  For your reference, a full seating chart is available below.

How do you take advantage of this offer?  Simply call Wade Graham, our FC Edmonton Head of Ticketing at (780) 439-7565 OR email him directly at

We hope to see you and your EMSA player in their FREE SEASON MEMBERSHIP SEAT out at Clarke Stadium this spring!


Jeff Harrop

President, FC Edmonton