Dear EMSA Members,

Government of Alberta (Announcement Nov 24, 2020) declared a state of public health Emergency, announcing several new measures in Alberta to stop the spike in Covid-19 cases in our Province.
See Enhanced Public Health measures Here.

Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) also announced on November 24, 2020 that mandatory restrictions are taking place for all level of sport in areas of the province listed under Enhanced Status. This means a temporary suspension of all team soccer activities such as practice, training, competition, and team social activities for programs in these areas for at least three weeks (from Friday, November 27 to Tuesday, December 15, 2020).

IMPORTANT: The EXEMPTION for sport organizations who implemented significant COVID-19 safety protocols, announced by the Government on November 24, 2020, is applicable only to the Professional Sport Organization. Please see the information available on Government of Alberta website (under “Sports and Group fitness activities” section) Here.

In response to the above measures, EMSA is suspending all soccer activities until December 15th, 2020. All the games scheduled during this period will be rescheduled.
The suspension of soccer activities for the next 3 weeks will result in 2020/2021 Indoor Season being extended through March and, if necessary first weeks in April.
EMSA is not cancelling the Indoor Season, we will ensure our teams will play as many games as possible before middle of April 2021.

EMSA Executive will continue to monitor the situation, work closely with ASA, Edmonton Soccer Facilities, Edmonton Soccer Dome and other facilities in the Capital Region and will update the membership as soon as new information becomes available.

Please be advised that the EMSA MAIN Staff is working remotely from November 25,2020 and the EMSA MAIN Office is still closed to the public.
Note that the EMSA Main website is constantly updated, please use it as a source of information for players, families and Team Officials.

Thank you for your patience.